Creative Verve Book - A


ISBN 9789381182956
Author Shabari Choudhury & Divyangini Sehgal
Illustrator Danish Zaidi

The Art and Craft series focuses on teaching and enhancing the creative talent and imagination of children. A wide variety of techniques and formats are covered, with easy-to-understand steps. There are also pages for free expression, where a child can either revise or try out new activities. The series will help children express themselves, improving their presentation skills in project work and also enhance their design and aesthetic sense. This series integrates key-learning skills, such as application of numbers, language and communication, experimentation and problem-solving activities in a step-by-step manner. While the lessons are instruction-based, there is enough freedom for the learner to experiment and have fun. This facilitates imagination, creativity, colour sense and open-mindedness, leading to self-expression. The lessons also enhance motor skills, foster an artistic temperament, and improve focus and concentration, thereby enhancing observation power and boosting self-awareness.

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