Dohas Of Kabir And Rahim

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ISBN 9789381182901
Author Team Campfire

Kabir and Rahim, two poet saints of 15th and 17th century India, are renowned for their dohas or couplets in the form of aphorisms, replete with wisdom for everyday living.Here  is  a  selection  of  twelve  popular  dohas  from  each  of  them which are a source of great spiritual insight. Each of these dohas are inspirational for the young and the old, whether you come from urbane or rustic backgrounds. They enlighten us with the fundamental truths in the conduct of our lives, so we can live in harmony with both mankind and nature.These ‘Dohas’  are  worth  memorising.  When  recited  on  appropriate  occasions  in  life,  the  beauty  and  wisdom  of  these verses will win you great acclaim!Campfi re hopes that these dohas, steeped in Indian culture, will remain as your guide for a fulfi lling life.

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