ISBN 9789380028521
Author Robert Louis Stevenson
Adaptor Mark Jones
Illustrator Naresh Kumar
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It took an epic journey to get back to where he started from… Arriving at his uncle’s house, David Balfour expects a warm welcome, a hearty meal, and friendly conversation. Instead he is jailed, kidnapped, lost at sea, falsely accused of murder, and finds himself on the run with a smuggler called Alan Breck. All that David wants is to return to his uncle’s home and exact revenge, but the path that leads him there will be fraught with terror and danger. Join David as he fights to survive on a desert island, and journeys through the wild highlands of Scotland, encountering notorious outlaws and other strange characters. Written by the author of Treasure Island, Kidnapped has enchanted readers since its first publication in 1886. Based on a true story, with characters modelled on real people, Kidnapped is the quintessential historical fiction adventure novel, delighting countless enthusiasts of this genre of literature.