Prince of Ayodhya: Ramayana Series


ISBN 9789380741925
Author Ashok K. Banker
Adaptor Ashok K. Banker
Illustrator Sachin Nagar

The first volume in a series of graphic novel adaptations of Ashok Banker’s epic retelling of the Ramayana, Prince of Dharma begins with Rama and Lakshman’s youth. Accompanied by Rishi Vishwamitra, they set out to Bhayanak Van on a dangerous mission to save their kingdom of Ayodhya. Meanwhile, evil is brewing, both within and without, the city.


Written by international bestselling author Ashok K. Banker, and illustrated by award-winning artist Sachin Nagar, this graphic novel adaptation of the Ramayana is like no other Ramayana you may have read or seen before.

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