Ravana: Roar of the Demon King


ISBN 9789380741178
Author Abhimanyu Singh Sisodia
Illustrator Sachin Nagar

The demon-king Ravana, born of a union between the holiest of mortals and a demon princess, has risen from an obscure beginning at a hermitage to conquer not just hell but heaven too. No less than a god to his own people, he is the sheer embodiment of evil to his enemies. This arrogant demon brooks no hindrance to snatching his heart’s desire, and his terror seems unstoppable to gods and humans alike. But he makes a mistake when he abducts the wife of Lord Rama, the exiled divine ruler of Ayodhya.

Ravana is a story of a demon, who dared to challenge the gods, and almost got away with it. Ravana’s tale is one that will incite awe and fear simultaneously. Whose side was this enigma on, good or evil? The obvious answer seems to be but one: his own. Or was he really? This graphic novel seeks to explore that question, and others.


  • Siddharth


    14 Apr, 2021

    The comic is really good. It is suitable for all and not only for people already knowing the story. The illustrations and colours add more thrill to the story and makes the reader eager to read the next page.

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