They Changed The World: Crick & Watson


ISBN 9789381182215
Author Lewis Helfand
Illustrator Naresh Kumar
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DNA—the building block of life. Ever since the dawn of human civilization, we have searched for answers to what makes life possible. But it was only in the mid-twentieth century that we found them through the persistent efforts of James Watson and Francis Crick. Although, the groundwork for the discovery had already been laid out, it was Watson and Crick’s derivation of the three-dimensional, double-helical model for the structure of DNA that solved the final piece of the puzzle and won them the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1962. However, it would be wrong to focus only on that single moment of triumph, as the journey to get there was a long and arduous one. Read about that journey in They Changed the World: Crick & Watson.